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Today’s Islamic Date in Pakistan

Sometime we need to find out what is the Islamic date in Pakistan today, we usuallysearch around different Islamic channels or website and some time we still not able to get the date. So I have come up with an easy solution, a website that is manually updated by a dedicated team on timely manner.

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Add EU Cookie law notification on website

Easiest way to add the EU Cookie law notification on website is to use the free and opensource solution known as Cookie Consent. You don’t have to write any custom script for this. All you need do is to browse the website -> Click on “Get the codes”, choose the theme style,give your website

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Launched new version of website

Finally after maintaining my website to the same template from almost 2 + years, I decided to launch a new version of it, with new template and features. It was very difficult for me to spare time and bring new template in live mode, I was working on it since couple of months 🙂 The

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My Findings About Websites of Commercial Airlines of Pakistan

Was sitting randomly watching television and all of a sudden I thought to find out some technical aspects and features available on websites of commercial airlines of Pakistan. So starting here, we have four commercial airlines in Pakistan ( Here I am talking about commercial passenger airlines that take passengers to nationwide and international destinations).

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The Complete Guide to Solid-State Drives

Addition of Solid State Drives to your computeris one of the best thing that you can do with your system, if you need to improve the performance of your system in terms of decreasing the boot time, launching application quickly and saving the documents / coding instantly. You can read the entire detail from this

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Using Unlocked PTCL Charji Device?

A word of caution, if you have purchased or unlocked PTCL Charji device and using any other network SIM on it, please make surenot to accept the notification for updating the firmware, otherwise your device will be locked again.

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I'm a professional Web Technologist with a certification in Google Analytics (GAIQ) based in Karachi, Pakistan. With over 12 years of experience in this field, I have gained extended knowledge and expertise in developing websites, web applications as well as data analytics.

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