Personal analysis on top e-commerce websites of Pakistan

Being associated with web technologies as well as primarily on eCommerce industry where my key focus is to implement different website tracking softwares to track user interactions towards websites and producing website optimization for better ROI / customer interaction etc., I started to figure out, how most of the well known websites from Pakistan were performing.

I began by dividing my analysis from the basics, such as if they respond to user queries via email or social media interactions rather than phone support, apart from website up time I am monitoring from approximately the last year.

Unfortunately, my basic analysis report for most of the major eCommerce websites is not good. For the first step, I sent an email to 8 major websites to inquire about a product that is listed on their website and asked if the product is in stock and if I would be able to place an order or not. Unfortunately out of 8 website only 1 website responded via email, and the response was not accurate. They replied:

Dear Sir,
​If You want place your order then send me ur name ur mobile no and adress 100 Rs: Delivery Charges Cash on Delivery  {his mobile number and name}

Being curious, I sent reply to the email with following message ;

Dear xyz,

Thank you for responding, my question was if it is available? If yes in case of delivering to Karachi address as well I need to send you the address details? Waiting for response so that I can place the order.

Thank you,
Suhaib Malik

And again this time, I get a response but not satisfactory one;

Dear Sir
​WebsiteName office only in lahore and islamabad Soon made branch in karachi ..​

It is to mention that on their website it is clearly mentioned at the title Online Shopping in Pakistan and on their shipping information page, they have mentioned to deliver on other cities as well.

shipping info

So, the team from this website actually responded, but not accurately. As a result of this inaccuracy, they ended up losing a potential customer.

It is to consider that I visited their website directly (organic traffic), and if I purchase from them(actually, I really want to purchase googlechromecast from them), they have had a customer without doing any expense on marketing, and chances of my purchase again should be high if they had given me good customer service.

So I will conclude here by saying that, my expectations from all the websites I contacted was that they would reply to me within 24-48 hours (even 24hr is enough for eCommerce website. I hope that these website will improve their customer engagement very soon.

Please note, that this is my ongoing research and I will keep on exploring different activities for different websites and will keep on sharing my results.

My analysis was not in terms of revenue they are earning. They might be delivering 1000′s of orders daily / weekly. However, this research was primarily to find out whether or not they had acceptable customer service. (Revenue from each user on eCommerce website matters).


  1. My intention is not at all to give any negative review of any website, thats why I have tried my best not to use website name or any persons name
  2. It is my personal opinion and findings
  3. If required, I can provide complete evidence of my email or any thing that I have mentioned
  4. I will not be responsible for any business loss or any impact that may effect any eCommerce website.
  5. So far I am not at all associated with any website or eCommerce company in Pakistan. Rather I am running my own venture, and associated with one of the digital agencies in Norway, working as Data Engineer, where I share my experience for their clients and also learning many new things. Beside this, I am also associated with companies in United States doing eCommerce business.

I am web technologist, GAIQ certified data analyst with more than 12 years of working experience in the field of web technologies.

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About Me

I'm a professional Web Technologist with a certification in Google Analytics (GAIQ) based in Karachi, Pakistan. With over 12 years of experience in this field, I have gained extended knowledge and expertise in developing websites, web applications as well as data analytics.

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