Things that keep me connected to internet

Services that I use to keep myself connected to internet world;

Broadband services that I uses in Pakistan

  1. PTCL Broadband (fixed connection) 8Mbps
  2. PTCL Charji (wireless service) for backup (max speed up to 32Mbps)
  3. Zong 4G on Mi-fi device as backup

My primary internet connection is 8Mbps line from PTCL, and I am pretty much satisfied with its services, unless something goes wrong at undersea cable damage. Since my connection is based on fiber optic back end (FTTC) so when there is a long power breakdown there are chances of service interruption.

So to overcome such situations I always make sureto have a backup internet connectivity, so that my work will not be effected.

Other than the ISP’s, I used VPN services from these two operators;

  1. 12VPN
  2. Private Internet Access

I am using 12VPN from more than 5 years now, and I am very much satisfied with its services. They offer multiple location servers along with a very satisfactory service. You can find more information about 12vpn from here..

Other than 12VPN the other VPN operator I am using is PIA, since they offer multiple IP’s for single location it is very much helpful for me, while I do some testings / debugging of my work.

PTCL Connectivity :
Okay so talking about connectivity, I have connected my desktop system directly to PTCL modem using Cat-5 patch cable. For wireless connectivity I am using Cisco Linksys EA2700 modem, which is connected again using Cat-5 patch cable to PTCL modem.

Since the day I am using EA2700 wireless route, I love it. It’s simple, have a builtin antenna, and it’s dual-band. Route interface is rich we can configure many things on it. So to discuss in more detail I will be writing a separate blog post on Cisco Linksys EA2700 Dual-Band wireless router very soon 🙂

PTCL Charji Connectivity:
PTCL Charji is good alternative as a backup internet or if you have good coverage you can use it as a primary internet as well. The only limitation on PTCL Charji is the volume limitation.

PTCL Charji Speed Test

I have tested PTCL Charji on most of the places I visit in Karachi, and I get a decent speed, at my home location in open location it gives good speed more than 10Mbps on average, but if I use on my room that is at the back side, I get weak signal strength hence speed compromised. So to resolve this issue, I have installed an external antenna at my roof top and connect my charji device using it, this increase the signal strength and I get proper speed.

You can get one external antenna from any PTCL one stop shop, or from any good computer hardware shop.

Zong Mi-fi:

I am using a normal Zong sim on an unlocked mi-fi device. I purchased a locked mi-fi device that is offered from my ISP in Pakistan. I unlocked the device myself using dc-unlocker. It was a successful unlock operation :), and after that I am enjoying one of the best 3G / 4G internet offered in Pakistan.

Zong 3G Speed Test

Believe me Zong is the best in terms of speed it offers, I have previously used 3G from Ufone and Mobilink but they are not satisfactory at all. So Zong is best suitable for backup as well as primary internet usage if you are not a heavy internet user (due to volume limitation).

By the way Zong is also offering mi-fi and wingle devices now, you can check over here

I am web technologist, GAIQ certified data analyst with more than 12 years of working experience in the field of web technologies.

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About Me

I'm a professional Web Technologist with a certification in Google Analytics (GAIQ) based in Karachi, Pakistan. With over 12 years of experience in this field, I have gained extended knowledge and expertise in developing websites, web applications as well as data analytics.

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